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Available in different sizes for all makes and models.
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Storing your car or motorcycle in an Airchamber is the best way to ensure that your investment will be in excellent condition, as you left it, and ready for your next drive.

Airchamber Storage Systems feature rigid internal frames unlike other Car Bubble products. The soft, outer shell is closed with heavy-duty zippers for easy storage and zero-touch protection. High-efficiency fans circulate over 5,000 cubic feet of filtered, clean air every hour eliminating condensation and moisture that can cause rust, mildew, and mold. The pliable cover is a high-quality, clear, and lightweight PVC material that is UV protectant which helps shield the paint from fading. When fully sealed, Airchamber also effectively protects cars, boats, and motorcycles from pests and dust. The flooring is a highly durable nylon-plastic composite that is safe from fuel, oil, and other fluids. It’s easily cleaned and allows owners to perform minor maintenance within the Airchamber. Airchamber is available in the following sizes and bespoke Airchamber systems can be ordered.

Click here to look up specific make and model dimensions and purchase the perfect Airchamber for your car.

Airchamber dimensions:
 Size  Length  Width  Height
 Medium (M)  17.06ft  7.22ft  5.91ft
 Medium Tall (MT)  17.06ft  7.22ft  7.22ft
 Large (L)  18.7ft  7.22ft  5.91ft
 Extra Large (XL) 21.98ft  7.22ft  5.91ft
If you have a vehicle with scissor or gull-wing type doors you may want to consider using the Medium Tall Airchamber for clearance.
Suggested Airchamber sizes and fitment for popular makes and models:
Small (S) Medium (M) Medium Tall (MT) Large (L) Extra Large (XL)
Mazda Miata Porsche 911 Mercedes G63 AMG Audi A7, S7, RS7 Mercedes S63 AMG
Porsche 718 Corvette C7 Lamborghini Aventador Ferrari 488, F8 Tributo Bentley Flying Spur
Alfa Romeo 4C McLaren 570S Bentley Bentayga BMW M8 Rolls Royce Ghost
Mini Cooper Lamborghini Huracan Mercedes SLS AMG Aston Martin DB11 Ferrari FF

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Weight 73.19 lbs
Dimensions 37.8 × 14.57 × 14.57 in