As Audi owners and drivers ourselves, we know Audi is more than an automobile. It’s a lifestyle. Whether enjoying your Audi is an important part of your daily routine, weekend adventures, or racing, it deserves to be protected when not being driven. Safely store your Audi in an Airchamber Storage System.

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Why Airchamber Protection?

Airchamber Storage Systems are the ideal short and long-term protection for any Audi vehicle. Purposely made for garages and storage facilities, the Airchamber is ideally suited to protect against dings, dust, pests, and condensation. Keeping your Audi as clean as the moment it was put away.

It’s a completely sealed, durable storage system and the only one of its kind with a rigid frame. High-efficiency fans circulate filtered air keeping your car well ventilated and protected. Read more on our FAQ page.

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What size Airchamber do I need for my Audi?

Please see our recommended fitment available for the Audi models listed.
The 2015 Audi R8 is 14.53 feet long (174.3 inches). Our small Airchamber is 14.76 feet long. While the R8 fits perfectly, you may want more room in front of or behind your vehicle. For reference, an approximate Airchamber fitment is shown.

Audi R8 Airchamber fitment

Small (S) 14.76ft x 6.56ft x 5.91ft
Medium (M) 17.06ft x 7.22ft x 5.91ft
Large (L) 18.7ft x 7.22ft x 5.91ft

Recommended fitment for popular Audi models

Popular Audi Airchamber fitment:
 Model  Recommended Airchamber Size
A3, S3, RS3 Sedan Small
A4 Allroad Large
A4, S4, RS4 Sedan Medium
A5, S5 Cabriolet Medium
A5, S5, RS5 Coupe, RS5 Sportback Medium
A6 Allroad Large
A6, S6 Sedan Large
A7, S7, RS7 Sportback Large
A8 L Extra Large
e-tron Large
e-tron Sportback Large
Q, SQ, RSQ7 Medium Tall
Q, SQ3 Medium
Q, SQ5 Medium
Q8 Medium Tall
R8 Coupe Medium
R8 Spyder Medium
RS6 Avant Medium
S8 Sedan Large
TT, TTS Roadster Small
TT, TTS, TTRS Coupe Small
Classic Audi Airchamber fitment:
 Model  Recommended Airchamber Size
1994-95 RS2 Medium
Auto Union C-type Small
Auto Union D-Type Medium
DKW Monza 1956 Small
Audi Quattro Medium
1984 Sport Quattro Small
1985 Sport Quattro S1 Small