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Many people who store household items at home in the attic, basement or garage – even when temperature controlled – have gone to retrieve something only to find evidence of rodent damage. It’s always a sinking feeling and a question of what will be found?

Most are unaware that this problem is huge for cars that are stored even for a few days. It doesn’t matter where you live…pests are out there. The warm and tight spaces offered by a parked car are a luxury resort and safe haven for small rodents or animals (Mr. Mouse doesn’t discern between classic or new). They love to use the insulation material, carpet, leather or vinyl in older cars plus the organic wiring harness coverings in newer cars to make nests. Rodents can breed at six weeks of age and do so year-round. Just imagine the nightmare you could be facing.

If they die in there, then the issues of smell and retrieval must be dealt with on top of the repairs required. Damage to wiring harnesses and electronics can run into thousands of dollars in repairs and often lead to insurance claims, raised premiums and lengthy visits to your repair shop or dealer.

True story. A client came to see me one day with some warning lights on the dash of her very expensive car. Before I told her what I’d found, I asked if she had a pet dog. She was surprised by my query asking how this was relevant. When I pressed on and inquired whether she left her pet snacks stored in the garage, her curiosity grew further. My final question of did she know why she’d being going through the pet snacks more quickly of late, made her mouth drop!

I showed her the evidence and she quickly realized what had happened. A check under the hood revealed doggie treats all over the belly pan and damaged wiring on the engine harness. The critter had developed a taste for the treats and enjoyed dining in the engine compartment! A large insurance claim later, she wishes she’d had her Airchamber sooner…

The unique design of the Airchamber not only helps to prevent pest entry, but also prevents condensation and its damaging effects as well as keeping the car dust and dirt free. As well as the obvious physical barrier, the sonic frequency emitted by the fans, also deters small animals.

Send us your photos and let us hear your stories and feedback!

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