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Superior protection from dust and dings, pests, and condensation. Engineered to keep your car looking new in any garage or storage facility.

Why Airchamber Works

Airchamber’s patented system circulates filtered air in and around your car using ultra-efficient fans. The rigid frame keeps it upright even without power so nothing ever touches the vehicle – drive in and out easily. Most importantly, the constant airflow virtually eliminates the risk of condensation – moisture that collects on unprotected surfaces that could cause rust and corrosion.

Better protection than traditional car covers

Airchamber has a rigid internal frame that maintains the shell’s shape even without the fans running. Say goodbye to damage with Zero-Touch Protection™ – Airchamber never touches your car.

Airchamber USA Rigid Frame
Airchamber Fan

Keeps your car clean & dry

The high-efficiency fans circulate over 5,000 cubic feet of filtered, fresh air hourly which virtually eliminates condensation – controlled environment technology. The next time you drive your car, it will be just how you left it – immaculate.

Engineered to last

Every Airchamber includes a 12-month warranty and satisfaction guarantee. The outer PVC shell and heavy-duty flooring is oil and UV-resistant and much thicker than comparable products. Heavy-duty zippers and Velcro® fully protect your car, motorcycle, tools, and more from pests and contaminants.

Airchamber Zipper
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Airchamber Gallery

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“There's no better way to protect my latest investment. Not only does my Ferrari stay dry and safe from garage dust and debris, it's also protected from my kids and dings! It looks great too. I will definitely be back for another!”

Landon K.Miami Gardens, FL