Airchamber Maintenance

How to care for your Airchamber

Like any equipment, care and routine maintenance are recommended to keep your Airchamber operating as it was intended. These few easy-to-do steps will ensure many years of reliable operation and help to keep your car in pristine condition.

We advise that these be carried out every 3-4 months. Your storage conditions and the frequency with which you drive the car or motorcycle will dictate whether they be carried out at more frequent intervals.

  1. With the power turned off, remove and clean the electrostatic filters in warm soapy water to remove any accumulation of debris and dirt. Rinse in clean water. Allow to dry fully before reinstalling as excess moisture can reduce the life of the fans over time.
  2. Carefully lubricate the zippers. Furniture polish containing beeswax is ideal. An aerosol can is easiest.
  3. Clean any fluids that have dripped onto the base mat and sweep out any leaves and debris. Carefully check for small stones or gravel as these can wear or even puncture the base mat.
  4. With the exception of cleaning the filters, leave the fans on all the time... even when out in the car! They are designed for continual use and frequent turning off and on actually shortens their life.
  5. The outside of the Airchamber can be wiped down with a clean microfiber cloth damped with clean warm water if needed. It can be dried with a clean damp chamois or clean dry microfiber cloth. It is best to do this while the fans are turned off and the filters are drying.