Airchamber Storage Systems and Car Bubbles

Airchamber Storage Systems

Classic cars are getting older, newer cars are getting more expensive, and there's a new standard in car storage solutions. As our classic cars age and we enter a new era of paint restoration and protection, car storage needs to keep up with the times. Conventional car covers that touch and drag across your car's paint causing micro-scratches and damage are being phased out. A new age in car storage has dawned: The Age Of Car Bubbles.

Car Covers Are Out, Car Bubbles and Airchambers Are In

If you're a car enthusiast, paint swirls, micro-scratches and paint fading are some of your worst enemies. Thankfully, since paint preservation technology has gotten so good, there's no need for hours on your knee applying wax with diapers anymore. However, the ramp-up of this technology comes with a price. Typical paint correction followed by ceramic coating or PPF can cost you around $1,000 - and that's on the cheap side. Dragging a conventional car cover over your car's paint is essentially depredating your car's beautiful paint. Car Bubbles and Airchamber not only alleviate this problem, but alleviate many more issues car enthusiasts consistently encounter.

Car Bubbles Compared To Airchamber Storage Systems

While Car Bubbles and Airchambers both inflate and allow for a cushion of air between car paint and material, there is a benefit to Airchamber over other Car Bubbles. Airchamber pioneered Zero-Touch Protection™, allows for your car's paint to be touch-free upon entry. Airchamber achieves this level of protection by adding a key feature exclusive to its product: a rigid internal frame.

Car Bubbles are typically inflated after being placed over your car. During Airchamber's quick and easy initial construction, the rigid, internal frame is put together. Once assembled, driving your car directly inside via the large main door allows for touch-free and paint-safe storage. To ensure your car will never touch the surrounding Airchamber material, there are two doors on the side that allow for the door to open freely upon your exit. The taller Medium Tall Airchamber stands at 7.22ft. to allow scissor doors, gullwing doors and other exotic doors to open upwards freely.

What Else Does Airchamber Do?

Airchamber's internal frame also acts as a barrier from falling objects, bicycle handle bars, and one of the toughest things to protect your car from - children. In addition to the frame, the outer shell is made of a durable, UV-resistant PVC material. If any sun or UV light happens to be shining through your garage, the material protects your paint from fading or uneven fading. The Airchamber has three doors, one on the front and two on the side. The doors are sealed by heavy duty zippers. Once sealed by the zippers and velcro, the fans on both sides of the Airchamber begin to circulate 5,000 cubic feet of filtered air every hour. This virtually eliminates moisture that can cause rust, mildew, or leather and other interior damage. The electrostatic filters remove some of the smallest airborne contaminants keeping your car safe from the elements. The full seal also restricts rodents and other unwanted critters from entering your car, nesting, or chewing wiring. 

Airchamber Storage Systems are truly the pinnacle of automotive storage solutions. Start storing the right way, start storing in an Airchamber.