Moisture Prevention

Moisture Prevention
Rusted Abandoned Cars

An Airchamber isn't just the perfect solution for protecting your car or bike. Consider your valuable possessions beyond that. Hidden moisture and condensation pose huge threats to your cars, bikes, and treasured items. Whether you're storing your car, bike, electronics, musical instruments, antiques, documents, or clothes, Airchamber has you covered. Serious car collectors, individuals, and storage companies around the world rely on Airchamber to provide protection for their cars and possessions against long-term storage damage. Airchamber provides protection against mildew, condensation, dust, airborne pollutants, rodents, as well as accidental damage from falling items or playing children.

The reasons that Airchamber works so well are very simple yet incredibly effective: The two fans (4 on some models) move thousands of cubic feet of air through the Airchamber every hour, trapping dust particles and other airborne particulates in the electrostatic filters.

Rust Formation

Naturally moving air reduces moisture and allows for evaporation in the process. The moisture and evaporation escape through the vent and closed-door zippers built into the unit. Even a wet car will dry quickly due to this effect. Due to the regimented airflow, the temperature inside of the Airchamber gradually regulates to match the outside air. Due to the gradual regulation of air temperature inside of the Airchamber, condensation is greatly reduced or eliminated. This process leaves your car, motorcycle, or stored valuables safe from rust and other moisture derived damages.  The thick base mat also acts as an effective vapor barrier.

This all means that your carefully detailed classic, collectible, specialty car or motorcycle will always greet you in a pristine and ready to enjoy fashion. Nothing is safer for your valuables or easier to use than an Airchamber!