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Quality Above All When Storing Cars

The business of storing classic and specialty vehicles is nothing new. As long as there have been treasured automobiles, there has been a requirement for adequate storage and protection. As service expectations have increased over time, what sets apart the average storage facility from the elite, are the services provided to demanding clients. Even a modest warehouse-type address can demand top money and have a waiting list of clients if they offer great service and amenities.

The one thing that owners of prized vehicles demand above all else, is that the storage facility not only keep their cars safe, but also in showroom condition, free from dust, damage and fingerprints. As a result, most owners don't rank the cost of storage as the top priority... but rather, the quality of the care.

Offer World-Class Service In Car Storage

At Airchamber USA, we are in the business of providing the very best in vehicle storage solutions and with it, the same customer service that facility owners and their clients deserve.

Airchamber, and its patented design, has been the industry leader in controlled environment storage for over 25 years. Not only do we currently protect cars in individual households, but we are also in some of the world's most important car collections.

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Car Storage Facilities Make More With Airchamber

Airchamber provides the best protection and increases facility revenues by offering the option to keep vehicles inside a controlled environment, zero-touch enclosure, virtually eliminating dust, condensation, small animal damage, dings and bird droppings. Once owners see other cars stored in such a way, further demand will be immediate as the visual impact of seeing a car inside an Airchamber is huge and the benefits obvious.

Many facilities charge more than $100 per month in additional fees for the use of an Airchamber. Typically, investment costs in Airchamber storage units can be recouped in as little as 12 months which means you are making money very quickly and offering a unique way to take care of your clients' most valued vehicles.

Not only can you increase your margin, but you can save time on cleaning too, as dust will be virtually eliminated. The footprint of the storage space can also be kept the same as before, due to the compact size - available to fit any car or motorcycle. We even offer bespoke sizes for the truly extraordinary.

How Car Storage Facility Owners Make More With Airchamber

Car storage facilities have incremental revenue from renting Airchamber units to clients. Here's how:

Monthly Storage Fee Airchamber Rental Annual Incremental Revenue
$250 $100 $1,200 per unit


Car storage services make on average an additional $1,200 PER UNIT annually. Payback many times is less than 12 months and Airchamber units are in use 10+ years with minimal maintenance.

Minimal Auto Maintenance, Maximum Auto Protection

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Maintenance on Airchamber is minimal and the quality superb. There are units around the world in constant use for several years, requiring nothing more than general maintenance. Power outages are also no problem. The rigid internal frame keeps Airchamber erect even with the doors fully opened, making driving in and out quick and simple, eliminating the hassle of other systems, bubbles, or car covers. Contact us today to see how we can help you stand out from the others. We will work with you to tailor your own unique needs. We offer volume discounts as well as dealer programs, allowing you to retail Airchamber to your clients for their home use too.

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Become an Airchamber dealer and stand apart from other facilities with the world's most popular controlled air environment for short or long term car storage.