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Airchamber USA CEO and Co-Founder Aston Martin


The Airchamber design was conceived in 1995 by English car guru and entrepreneur Charles Loughran. It has been the benchmark of superior automobile and motorcycle touchless protection ever since by utilizing "controlled environment technology". I purchased an Airchamber from Charles when I first learned of them and protected my ’68 Aston Martin during and after its restoration for six years. I have since transferred the Aston to a new custodian, but the Airchamber is still functional today – 12 years later!

As car and race enthusiasts, we are members of several clubs and groups catering to the classic car and racing communities. We love to meet and talk with people who share our interests and those who own and take care of all types of machines. Whether they are British classics, Italian or German exotics, American muscle, supercars, hypercars, Euro and Asian tuner cars or racing cars, we love to see and hear about them all.

As we attend events, shows, and races all over the United States and Europe, we always find that the cars make the introductions, but the people we meet as a result make the bigger impressions. We all share the same passion and these beautiful machines deserve and need to be protected. What better way than with an Airchamber!

We are certain that you will love your Airchamber and like so many other owners, become ambassadors and introduce Airchamber to your friends and club members. Please feel free to contact us with any questions as we invite you to share your stories and photographs with us. Who knows? You may get a prize and some well-deserved exposure throughout the Airchamber owner community and beyond!

Other products have emulated the Airchamber, but none have come close in terms of performance, durability, quality nor longevity. Charles’ original design has remained unchanged since its inception - except for detail improvements – proving great design is timeless.

We appreciate your visit and thank you for your interest in becoming an Airchamber owner.

James Edmonds | CEO, Airchamber USA

Airchamber. Your car deserves one!